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Wisconsin Works (W-2) Program

We help people succeed every day.

YWCA Southeast Wisconsin’s trauma informed staff helps families experiencing unemployment and poverty as they begin a journey to economic success.  While striving to stabilize and excel, a family needs support.  As a Wisconsin Works (W-2) service provider, YWCA is able to attach families to basic financial support and partners every household with culturally competent staff members who assess for strengths and needs, and then create connections to RESOURCES and OPPORTUNITIES:

  • Assistance with locating employment: we will help you as you look for work, prepare to interview and we will support you once you’ve landed the job.
  • Assessment of barriers and potentials: we can help you understand your limitations and untapped abilities through vocational assessments.
  • Connect with supportive services: everyone has a right to live a healthy life; connect with options that will allow you to maintain your health and peace of mind.
  • Attachment to education and training programs: we can assist you with achieving your education and training goals at our location and with area partners.
  • Experience community and empowerment: join other community members to discuss and participate in workshops geared towards wellness and success.
  • Transportation support: receive transportation assistance for MCTS to access activities.
  • Child care assistance: qualifying families receive a child care subsidy so your children may attend approved daycares while you focus on your goals.
  • Job Access Loans (JAL): if you are working or have a job offer, have a specific financial crisis and need a short-term loan to prevent unemployment, you may be eligible for a Job Access Loan.
  • Advocacy and straightforwardness: we are here to support if you have a situation that is holding you back.   

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  W-2 services provided in partnership with America Works.

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