An Updated Message – What’s Up During COVID-19

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May 22, 2020

Dear Friends Committed to Community,

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and our Southeast Wisconsin region is preparing for the first steps of a measured return to “in-person” community.  “In-person” is an important distinction because through all of this COVID-19 experience we have been reminded that being in the same room (or not) doesn’t determine what is community. 

Community is defined by the values that bind us together as we build a more just future for ourselves and our families.

But we do look forward to seeing you “in person” as the weeks progress.  YWCA Southeast Wisconsin’s Milwaukee location is preparing to open for limited public access as of May 26th, with Racine plans to be determined later in June.  Tenant service organizations in our Milwaukee HQ will return to the building as their plans permit and they will see clients by appointment only.  Staff and visitors alike will comply with all health department recommendations.

During this time, YWCA SEW’s direct services will continue to be offered remotely without interruption.

Especially important to remember is that we have added a service during COVID-19, a new Support Line.  Please reach out to us to access any of our services or other essential community services, to navigate thorny issues or to connect confidentially with a caring professional.

We are grateful to donors who make these services possible, who continue to trust us to help others build a better life for themselves and their families.  If you would like to support our work and the future we can build together, know that any amount is appreciated.  Donate Now.

What will that future look like? It will look like whatever we, together, decide it is going to look like – if our commitment to community holds true. 

We hope you will stay in touch.  Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  And, check our website for important updates. If you have suggestions or ideas about how we can continue to serve and collaborate, email us anytime at

In solidarity,




President and CEO