Meet Tiffany

Tiffany Ellis, Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant to the President and CEO


Tiffany is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts- Business Administration degree. Tiffany spent most of her professional career in the insurance industry where she served in roles in customer service, product, continuous learning and improvement, training, engineering, technology, diversity and inclusion, and project management. In these experiences, she discovered her passions; she is passionate about diversity and inclusion, change management, and the internal client experience.

With her path now having led her to the YWCA SEW as the Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant to the President and CEO, she is committed to facilitating the implementation of staffing processes and procedures, serve as an interface between the staff and leadership team, and contribute to establishing an inclusive and engaging culture; she is excited and committed to carrying out the amazing mission of the YWCA SEW.

Tiffany stands strong in the belief that it’s important to know how to work with people that are different than you, receive and apply ideas from different perspectives, and allow yourself to grow in ways outside of your individual scope.