YWCA Southeast Wisconsin
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Community Readiness Assessment

We conducted a community readiness assessment to address the impasse between employers seeking to fill open positions and the thousands of unemployed job seekers in our community.The evidence-based assessment can then help guide the development of industry-specific recommendations for resolving the issue. 

The complete assessment results are now available.

How the Assessment Worked

  • YWCA used the community readiness assessment model from Colorado State University’s Tri-Ethnic Center for Prevention Research.

  • The model scores a set of open ended questions that are used to measure the attitudes, knowledge, efforts and activities, and resources available in a specific community for addressing a specific issue.

  • The scores are divided into stages that come with recommended actions that best serve to influence change at each level of readiness.

  • We also interviewed program participants about what they perceive to be their barriers to employment, how they think employers view them as a worker or job candidate, and their experiences in the workforce. Their feedback also helped guide the recommendations.
Assessment Participants

Trained professionals interviewed the most senior staff person responsible for hiring strategy at companies from the following high-growth sectors: manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, construction, and financial services.