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Blog Archive

 2018 Blog Posts  
August 2018: The Role of Women as Activists
 April 2018: April: Sexual Assault Awareness Month
July 2018: The Many Faces of Patriotism
 March 2018: Is the Feminism Movement Inclusive of All People
June 2018: Pride Month & Racism
 February 2018: No American History without Black History
May 2018: History of Anti-Asian Racism and Asian Anti-Racism
  January 2018: Celebrating 125 Years

2017 Blog Posts  
December 2017: Will You Be The Difference? 
June 2017: Everytown for Justice
November 2017: Thanksgiving: Does Everyone Love It? 

May 2017: The Jobs Gap: Story Behind Vagueness
October 2017: About Your Hair: Race and Cultural Appropriation

April 2017: Stand Against Racism
September 2017: Is the Anger Justified

March 2017: Refueling with Feminists of Color
August 2017: Terrorism At Home

February 2017: A Challenge to Societal "Normalcy"
July 2017: Injustice: Addressing It

January 2017: Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
 2016 Blog Posts  
December 2016: Role of Whites in Racial Justice  
October 2016: Segregation: Will We Catch the Clue Bus?  
July 2016: All Lives Don't Matter Equally  
May 2016: Addressing Employment Issues
April 2016: Interrupting Racism in Families  
March 2016: Stereotyping Women  

2015 Blog Posts
December 2015: A Recap of Our Racial Justice Work July 2015: Flags and Race
November 2015: A Time to Be Good  June 2015: Latinos and Social Change
October 2015: Racial Profiling Facts
 May 2015: Stand Against Racism Recap
September 2015: Finding Hope March 2015: Implicit Bias 
August 2015: Defending Voting Right  February 2015: Black Lives Matter