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Wisconsin Works (W-2)

W-2 is Wisconsin’s Temporary Assistance to Needy
Families (TANF) program.

The program is designed to help low-income parents with minor
children begin their journey to economic success.

All W-2 participants are partnered with a Financial and Employment
Planner (FEP) who assesses their needs and skill levels and then
connects them with the resources they need to gain economic success.

  • Individuals who have work skills are assisted with locating suitable employment.
  • Individuals who need to develop work skills are enrolled in work experience, training
    and/or education
    programs to prepare them for employment.
  • Individuals determined unable to work are connected to other resources, such
    as Social Security
    disability benefits.

Supportive Services

These services provide temporary relief to families while parents search or prepare for employment.

Transportation Assistance W-2 applicants are eligible for transportation assistance when  transportation is necessary for job search activities, work experience and/or other activities outlined on an individual’s employability plan.

Child Care Assistance W-2 provides a child care subsidy for families who require child care to get or keep employment. Parents must use approved child care providers.  Parents are required to make co-payments based on income and the number of children in subsidized care.

Job Access Loans are short-term loans designed to meet expenses related to obtaining or maintaining employment.  This service is for individuals needing assistance because of a specific financial crisis that cannot be resolved with personal resources, and when other funding resources are not available or have been exhausted.            


Contact: Holly Kaster


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